“O God Beyond All Praising” (THAXTED)

Hymn 366 in the Celebrating Grace Hymnal

Our October Hymn of the Month derives its tune from the great orchestral work, The Planets, by Gustav Holst.  This tune is found in the middle section of the movement, Jupiter.  Originally composed in 1921, Holst then adapted this tune to fit a poem by Englishman Sir Cecil Spring Rice (“I Vow to Thee My Country”), named the tune THAXTED, and then the patriotic song was published.  In 1982 Michael Perry composed the text to the hymn “O God Beyond All Praising” to fit Holst’s tune.  The majestic tune and stirring text will become part of our church’s body of hymnody as we learn it together and sing it during each of our worship services during the month of October.