A rich history.   A thriving present.

An Exciting Future.

Baptist Temple was founded in 1908 and some things have changed very little in our 110-year history. We still believe God, church, and friends should be a significant part of life. Our worship still includes traditional hymns, scripture readings, prayers, and a sermon. However, many things are different, and better than ever.  In addition to the cherished components of our historic past, you will find a young ministerial staff, new ministries, and unique opportunities for service.

What's Happening at Baptist Temple?

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Our January Hymn of the Month is Hymn 31, Ancient Words. This new hymn was written in 2001 by Lynn DeShazo, and was first included in a hymnal when our own Celebrating Grace hymnal was published in 2010. The text reminds us of the rich heritage of the scriptures, and is set to a stirring and inspiring…

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